October 29th, 2015

3pm               Halloween BeachThing
                                Beach Party
                             CLICK HERE 
                                 for details

                   HST Swingin’ the Blues Night

7 pm	        Ben Morris (Free Basic Class)
8 pm	        Ben Morris  workshop
9 pm	        Open Dancing
10 pm              West Coast Swing 101 comp
                           and Dance Party

             October 30th, 2015

11:30am         Open Dancing
12 pm       Jordan & Tatiana workshop
1-1:30pm         Open Dancing
1:30pm    Parker & Melissa workshop
2:30pm 	         Open Dancing
3 pm         Benji workshop
4 pm         Kyle and Sarah workshop

5 pm        *Pro-Am  Nov/Int Strictly	       

5:30pm  Meet ‘n Greet Party - poolside
            - free beer tasting and games

6 pm	Open Dancing

7:30pm 	*Strictly Swing PRELIMS

9 pm 	*Strictly Swing FINALS

11 pm 	*Strictly Swing PRELIMS
                      -Champion/All Stars
               October 31th, 2015
                Happy Halloween

10:30am   Torri workshop
11:30am	 John & Jessica workshop
12:30pm	        Open Dancing

1 pm    	*J & J PRELIMS
                    -Juniors (if needed)                    
3:30pm   *J & J  PRELIMS cont. & Jr. FINALS
                    -All American PRELIMS
                    -All Star PRELIMS
                    -Junior FINALS
5 pm          Semi’s (if needed) 
6 pm          Dinner break
7-8:30 pm  Hotel Room Trick or Treating 
         (Rooms will be announced at the event)
8pm	           Ballroom Opens
9:00pm	   Costume Parade 
10:30pm    Champions Scary Strictly finals SHOW!

            November 1st, 2015

11:30am  John & Jessica workshop
12:30pm	Kyle and Sarah workshop
2 pm    	*J&J FINALS  
                      -All American  
4 pm        *J&J FINALS  	
6:30 Awards

7:30pm Social Dancing ‘til Dawn
Sunday Futuristic 

            October 29th, 2017

6:30pm     Awards

7:30pm   Social Dancing ‘til Dawn
          October 26th, 2017

3pm  Beach Bar Hopping 
        at the Redondo Beach Pier 

7pm	        Ben & Victoria (Free Basic Class)
8pm	        Ben & Victoria workshop
9pm	        Open Dancing
10pm      West Coast Swing 101	
  Dancing with DJ Louis St. George
More details coming soon!